Completed September 2019

Celebrating 4 Years in Charlotte


  • Leather Sole

  • ReLocalized HDPE Strap

  • Hemp Cabled top of Foot

  • Copper “thread”


Leather, Cotton, waxed thread, copper, hemp


Envisioned as the ultimate vacation shoe, the aim was to be as breezy, beach and care-free as possible.


The upper uses a new cut, very little actual material. It is one continuous piece of canvas dancing along the leather sole ‘Teath’. The shoe is bound by a strap made from recycled milk cartons affixed to the leather with copper wire. The toe box is breezy and held together with hemp twine, tightened with copper wire. An ode to Danny McFadden, who suggested exploring uses of the material.


The sole is the first use of a thick leather after a test run this spring with a thinner one. A simple one piece of leather with a pattern designed to be useful in a variety of flat sturdy Re-Localized materials for soles. A crudely scrawled ‘ANNIV’ can be seen on the back tabs. The tabs stick up just enough above the upper to give a nice area for pulling on the shoes.