Completed February 2019

A Shoe for Studio Work


  • Upcycled Plastic Heel Cap

  • Upcycled Plastic Toe Cap

  • Upcycled Plastic Fastening Strap

  • First Side Stitch Sole

  • Upcycled Pleather Upper


Pleather, HDPE, PMC-744, Waxed Thread, upholstery fabric


Thinking of how Saturn can better its’ mission of Re-Localization and continue to improve the plastic works aspect of Saturn products, this shoe features essential plastic components to make the shoe. The plastic structures the shoe as well as fastens the shoe. The hard toe is ideal for working in a studio environment that occasionally deals with heavy tools or materials. This is the early prototype for what the footwear inside the future Saturn Atelier will be.


The upper is a derivative of the cut seen in the Spat line. This time though, the toe is handled with a plastic toe cap. The plastic comes from a laundry detergent bottle and some plastic bags. It has been heated and formed, modeled to give structure to prevent toes being crunched. The heel is also stiffened by the plastic. The strap is also from the same batch of plastic and features three holes to adjust for tightness as the shoe wears. The brown pleather was sourced from a couch destined for a landfill. The inner lining is thrift store upholstery fabric.


This is the first side stitched sole, which is one of the most common types of sole. In keeping with Saturn ethic, the sole is hand-stitched instead of the more common glued sole. The material is a pretty elastic Polyurethane from Smooth-On called PMC-744. This material gives a natural feel while still protecting from ground conditions. The sole was formed with three pins keeping the depth consistent. This can be seen from the holes in the sole that give rise to the texture of the tread.