Re: 3 Horsemen of Culture

Ever since the death of Alchemy in the 17th century and the birth of science worship, (and I mean the worship of outdated science, we know the world is not blind dumb energy balls but we each still feel like newtonian physics is real ), cosmic/true spirituality in everyday life is all but dead today. 

Culture / Sciencism is extremely dangerous in todays world because it has taken over and drummed out our ancientness, our cosmic connections/ and our spirituality.  Architecture/art is probably the primary reinforcing elements in our daily lives misleading us. Architecture is all but evil today because it seeks to serve culture not universal values or spiritual morality.   

I haven't seen culture as something I need to accommodate or communicate. I see it as a half baked unintentional replacement for meaningful religious life. Culture today needs to be cleansed from our palette before we build. I think it needs to be transcended and carefully/ almost complete removed. Some people say this is not possible but this attitude just points to the giant state culture has grown into in todays world. True religious practices in everyday life is all but dead.

The church design and construction should obviously be "almost" totally void of culture. One of the key roles religion is suppose to play in our lives is to be our compass, leading us in the right direction regardless of the changing whims of culture.

Culture is lead by consumerism today. We are so interconnected and in such a constant state of commerce and meaningless work/ purchases we are lead by fashion giants that work for the most profitable corperations.   

People think they don't belong to an organized religion or they think they belong to a specific religion but 99 times out of 100 they spend with their time and money motivated by culture/sciencism. These two forces have taken over and this is not a good thing. These two forces are driven by the lower half of man, the ego. They can not be removed completely but must be put back in place and demoted dramiticly.

We are striving to be Happy or Hip or Popular or Connect to one another as apposed to connecting to what is cosmic/ our ancient selves this actually leads us to not only unhappiness but more importantly, it leads us to meaningless and this is what people are truly hungry for, Meaning. 

These horsemen are interesting to study so they can be meticulously purged from the mind of the architect and replaced by universal principles common to all major religions throughout time. 

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