Saturn Ethic

Saturn Atelier is committed to being a vessel that engenders self expression. Every individual free to do as they please is the pinnacle of universe finding and building itself. With Saturn the goal is a physical product that is legible and encourages tradition and furthers culture. The Atelier serves as the engine to iterate and surpass what the mere mind can think. Through collaboration and iteration a truthful unique moment can be created, one that can be piggy backed off of.

Open Source
With Saturn, the products and process strives to be as transparent as possible. Anyone should know any tricks and tips to more easily create for themselves based off of any Saturn design. This free flow of ideas only makes everyone better.

Truth of Material + Process
The power of physical product is the nature of the material. It is not just the nature of the material but the nature that the material has been molded by. The codes of sourcing, manufacture, manipulation of each material should read in the final product. As little as possible, nothing should be hidden since there are no such thing as flaws.

The finished piece should have a design that is digestible on all levels. It should strike a primal as well as technical nerve. Respect for the nature the product comes from and respect to the place of rest and all in between. An honor of the human form, an honor of the human mind.

Saturn is a theoretical wares company. There is no ‘finishing’ phase. Each attempt at design is bringing with it new questions and using previous iterations as jumping off points to explore. If it is not attempting to ask further questions and only looks to please for neatness, it has lost its way.

At Saturn Atelier we Orbit Expression