Saturnday 2019

Every 2nd Saturday in March marks Saturnday. It commemorates the founding of Saturn in March of 1995 in Medina, NY. 2018 was a big year for Saturn. The progression of the brand has been steady and consistent for the past 3 years.

2016 - Lets get Weird

2017 - Weird to Cool

2018 - Making a Dollar

2019 - Foundations for Culture

The mission last year was to bring the now cool Saturn to a point of people paying for the Artifacts. Much much much happened. There were 7 official Artifacts discovered over the year with many advancements in lasting, sole material, upper design, sole design, enclosure method, CNC milling to name a few. There was also an addition to the branding with a new font, logo and wordmark inspired by the CNC era of shoemaking at Saturn.

On the brand new Atelier side, a new program called Micro Expressions was pioneered. This program is the seed of the final dream for the Atelier. It gives local artists a $50-$75 boost towards a current project or event they are putting energy towards. The program was successful looking back, but stressful during as strategies to get the word out about the program were not as effective as envisioned. There were 6 expressors sponsored.

— O —

In 2019, the mission for Saturn is to continue to stream-line the processes for making of footwear. This means launching the Material sourcing initiative.

Creating a weekly material sourcing and refining process will do wonders in cementing Saturn into a viable sustainable Artifactory.

Further investigation into the possibilities of plastic applications will be done.

Further investigation into the nature of CNC with a combination of new router bits and computer software such as Fusion 360 will be done.

And finally, a streamlined process for making a simple 2-day, local, re-localized material shoe will be perfected.

As for the Atelier, the goal for 2025 is a fully owned space for learning and expressing oneself. For 2019, now that the local creators have been awoken to the Atelier idea, the Atelier will transfer from a monetary scholarship program, to a physical event.

A shoe building workshop that takes place over 2 days with a week separating it will be realized by the summer. This requires Saturn to have the process streamlined by then. This program seeks to build the foundations of what the 2025 Atelier will be. It seeks to shift the paradigm of overseas labor and flashy branding to a more thorough and measured critique of not only footwear but design in general backed with foundational knowledge of those fields of study.

Come fall, exploration of retail space for the purpose of setting up Saturn.Atelier 1 will commence. With the expected move in date of Winter 2020.

I hope to have a great year and I hope all reading this will too.

Keep orbiting expression!