Completed December 2018

Form Crystalized


  • Upcycled Plastic Buttons

  • Upcycled Plastic Zipper Tags

  • Cross Foot ‘Vick’ Strap

  • First Closed Toe Shoe

  • Upcycled Plastic Bag Bottom


LEather, Polyurethane Sealant, Upcycled plastic, Waxed Thread, Sythetic Felt,


The Client is someone held in high regard for her upstanding qualities and organization, while also being a giving and warm personality. The prism represent the changes that challenges which strengthen and beautify life. The color palette symbolizes grace and girt with a subtle nod to Philly (Eagles). Galini is a nickname of the client.


The 4th shoe in the ‘Spat’ line, which was drawn on a last. Single material exquisitely hand-stitched together. Deep ‘Bo-Bo’ cut out accentuates the activation of motion as the wearer is in motion. The Zipper features an original CNC cut zipper tag and closure. The Vick strap appears again, activating both the back and front of the shoe to hold the foot in place. The strap features an original CNC cut button. The tip of the shoe features the first closed to design at the request of the client. The upper is cut and stitched in a way that gives to let the foot breathe as a response to the closed toe. This shoe features the first use of a straight hand-stitch throughout the shoe.


The bottom returns to the use of Construction Grade Polyurethane, chosen for its grip and graceful wearing away. In light use, it’ll hold up fairly well. The bottom features the five-sided prism in a fractal nature, in the big plates as well as for the grip texture. Stylized ‘Galini’ and Saturn logo appear emblazoned as well in the Sole.


With much leather leftover from the shoe, the bag could afford to be scultural. The form is prismatic with the top-stitch in an assisting diamond pattern. The bag features a handle cut-out with the prism and a plastic prism zipper tag. The bottom and side has upcycled HDPE from bottles and bags melted together and CNC-ed for a classy marbled appearance. This is similar to the Morciello bag.