Completed February 2018

High Top Jean Shoe


  • High Top
  • Laser Cut Outsole Mold
  • Urethane Based Sole


LEather, Jean, Urethane, Elastic, Textile


The basis of this study was to re-use a pretty ubiquitous material in the jean. Many times a pair of pants rips or doesn't fit anymore. The cuts on the typical jean lends itself for some nice patterns for smaller items such as footwear. Also, jean is a pretty good thickness and durability for footwear. The clients favorite color is Blue, so it was a perfect opportunity to try out jean.


This shoe is the first time Saturn has done a fully cloaked ankle. It was a challenge to get the sizing right to fit the widest part of the foot in, as well as snug enough for the shoe to ride the leg comfortably. The base of the foot is 3 different shades of jean. The top and inside of the shoe are lined with a re-used moisture-wicking fabric. And it is rounded out with leather hand pull accents. 


The sole is inspired from artwork from the client. Using a Laser Cutter to make the mold allowed the branding and forms of the sole to be expressive. The urethane used in this sole is a construction adhesive with a pretty pathetic cure time. The sole and upper were stitched together with a varied blue cotton thread. 


The bag often serves as a freeing of material expression in the shoe making process. It is made up of scraps of jean and is intended to fray more over time. It utilizes a simple draw-'string' with a branded ring made of wood-laminate covered in leather. The inside is lined with a white light-weight cotton.