Lady in Malachite

Completed July 2018

Necklace for a Ladii


  • First Saturn Jewelry
  • CNC Milled Copper Pieces
  • Wired Bag Close


Malachite, copper sheet, copper beads, copper wire, faux copper chain, Rubber backed textile


The possibility of CNC milling metal brought about a light design as a test for future designs. In the Saturn fashion, the piece was about highlighting the body part it graces, in this case the neck. 

copper rhomboids

The 2018 Rhomboid Era continues with this piece. The 8 rhomboids are CNC milled then bent into shape with a fabric backing to let the piece sit comfortably on the wearers decollete. 


The deep green stone was picked from a ring made by a local jeweler. The triangle wrap of the stone lends itself to the overall shape of the neck and piece. The energies of the stone were not considered when choosing it. 


The textile found on the rhomboids is used to house the piece. It features a, first for Saturn, wire closing mechanism. With just a simple pinch the bag closes and with a light pull the bag opens.