Completed July 2019

A Celebration Shoe


  • New Loafer Cut

  • Plastic Toe Tip

  • Plastic Heel Tab

  • Plastic Icon Button

  • Cross Strap


Canvas, elastic cord, pmc - Urethane, Athletic Fabric, Synth Thread, Cotton Thread


The design of the shoe emotes refinement and comfort. A quiet cut and colorful confidence.


A brand-new cut from Saturn, this loafer type cut aims to minimize the labor in fabrication. A simple linear canvas wraps the perimeter of the foot. The top of the foot is wrapped in recycled 2-way stretch athletic fabric. The closer is a unique-to-Saturn HDPE button with an elastic cord looping around. The foot is book-ended with recycled HDPE on the toe-tip and the heel which help protect the foot and shoe over time. The sculptural heel tab was a joy to make and functions as a new way to think about pulling on shoes.


This is the third side stitch sole. The material choice was a throw back to the Atelier.VTG using PMC - 770 by Smooth-On. The design is based on the clients first name letter ‘M’ combined with the idea of a puzzle of ‘M’s put together. There is a stylized M with whiskers based on the clients love of felines. There is a sublimated cat paw print as well. Three dots in the mid-foot represent the tight-knit family the client comes from. This is first use of colorant in a sole, which is hotly controversial and most-likely not Based. Despite this, the mix was an enjoyable experiment, especially being able to mix a marbling yellow effect into the sole. The midsole features a spray-painted Saturn logo atop cotton and polyester cushoining.


The third bag to feature the mold after the Anniii, this bag aims to be cognizant of space. The two feet are placed in parallel to open the bag and retrieve the shoes and fold into a triangle when being carried from the elastic cord handle. As usual, scraps from shoe construction are utilized to make the flexible portion of the bag. The Saturn logo and wordmark are spray painted on in a manner to encourage the handler to rotate the bag to read it.