Completed August 2018

Font for Making


  • Full 26 Letters and 10 Numbers


High-logic font creator, illustrator


The challenge for this project was to make a font that would replicate PERFECTLY being cut out on a CNC machine as designed on screen. Also, forming letters that could physically be one piece when being subtracted from a material or having the material subtracted from it. This font is meant to be used in a more delicate setting than the IMPACT font, created last year. 


The design incorporates a couple of simple guidelines. The usual 72 degree slant, an ode to Nike founded in 1972, is in every character. This keeps it consistent with the IMPACT font, and general Saturn branding. There are about 3 radii used in the characters, all meant to be bigger than a 1/8" Router shank to cut cleanly when machined.