Completed April 2019

A Celestial Collaboration


  • Hand-Waxed Denim Upper

  • Relocalized Plastic Heel +Toe Guard

  • Custom Painted Inserts

  • Artful Sole Traction

  • Yarn Stitching


Denim, HDPE, Simpact 60A, Waxed Thread, CANVAS, Elastic moisture wicking Knit, Yarn


A variation of the Atelier Line, these shoes are about striving to make the Earth happy. Saturn and Earth share little in terms of atmosphere, but we still both have the desire to survive and sustain our Citizens. As Earth Day approached, a perfect client shoe idea emerged.


The upper features a hand waxed upcycled denim. The wax resists water infiltration and allows the shoe to be a tad bit more rigid. This is the first shoe in years that doesn’t feature any fastening. This is an ode to the client who is the definition of easy going. The heel and toes are structured and protected with an HDPE strip. The


This is the 3rd side stitch sole. The material choice is Simpact 60A by Smooth-On. The design was a mixed bag between a tree, the heart and arteries and the Milky Way Galaxy. The client works with bodily fluids for a career and has a penchant for sustainable living and lives in a place where the stars shine. The Saturn logo is integrated with the other 7 planets and the Sun. The color on the planets come from the custom painted insole.


This bag is the sister of the Violet bag. Another re-use of the sole carving, It features waxed and unwaxed denim scraps. The top is inspired by Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago, made of Yarn and stitched in a pattern that honors the feet it contains.