Completed September 2018

An attempt at Dainty


  • Urethane Outsole

  • Teath ‘Spat’ Midsole

  • 'Spat' 2 Piece Upper

  • Zipper x Two Strap System

  • CNC Inspired Sole Texture

  • ‘Re-Localized’ HDPE Plastic Cast for Bag Form

  • Saturn Logo Zipper Tag

  • Morciello ‘M’ Logo


Urethane, old pants, cotton textile, cotton thread, pearlized plastic


The project was based around a color. Yellow Morciello. A made-up childhood hue that was light and airy. It was time for Saturn to do a one color shoe. Form and Cut takes precedent here. The re-localized plastic is a big step for Saturn. This is intended to be the beginning of a long foray into re-using plastics as a raw material.


The upper uses a the two-piece spat from the Anniii but adds a zipper and 2 buttons this time. The use of ‘white’ as a compliment to Morciello is meant to serve simply as the support, the structure enabling the Morciello to be free to wander. The white in the buttons, sole, zipper and bag are meant to play with translucence. The shoe still features the toe hole for breeze, but the bottom hole has been closed for this iteration as we enter the cool season. The fabric is sewn in a ‘serger’ fashion, enabling the Morciello to fray and exude its make-up.


The sole takes incorporates the nature of the CNC with its’ polka dot texture. The end of the shank for the CNC simply drives downward in the mold to produce this shape. This shoe marks the return of the mid-sole. The urethane only shows through on impact points on the bottom of the foot. Using a fabric spat to fuse the bottom and upper allows the urethane to be minimal, for faster CNC time and lighter weight.


The shape inspiration is an abstraction of the moment the foot pushes of the ground to lift into orbit. The hand-hold mimics the toe-hole in the shoe; the ‘Flama’ shape has been consistent in every shoe in 2018. Mimicking the nature of the client, the shoes fold up quietly in to the bag, hiding their greatness until asked to speak.

The bag is usually the most exciting part of the making process and this time it was no different. After a failed attempt at using the mold to make the bag again, the next step was to use re-localized plastic. In this case HDPE was used for the bottom of the bag as well as the zipper tag. Old bags and water jugs were cut up and melted into a ball, then flattened before using a CNC for planing and cutting the design. The result is a marbled translucent material with flecks of Morciello.