Specimen A

Completed November 2018

Form becoming Sentient


  • Custom-CNC Plastic Buttons

  • Custom-CNC Zipper Tags

  • Cross Foot ‘Vick’ Strap

  • 5% Leather Wasted


Corning Dow 995 Sole, Waxed Thread, PU Zipper, Leather, Synthetic Felt, Re-Local Zipper Tags


The Client is someone who is crisp and versed in style. The shoe is intentioned and attentive to the foot. The leather is a bright autumn brown, nodding to the clients favorite color, orange, as well as a nod to a childhood of football. Shoe designed for Mass-Appeal.


The 3rd shoe in the ‘Spat’ line, which was drawn on a last. Single material exquisitely hand-stitched together. Deep ‘Bo-Bo’ cut out accentuates the activation of motion as the wearer is in motion. The Zipper Tag features an original CNC cut ridges, which help with grip. The Vick strap is a first, it activates both the back and front of the shoe to hold the foot in place. The strap features an original CNC cut botton. The tip of the shoe features our signature respiration port, in addition to the bottom. This created air flow between the toes.


The bottom featured the first use of Dow 995 in a pair of shoes from Saturn. It is meant for sealing windows in hurricane-rated areas. Chosen for its extreme pliability in thin depths and unbelievable strength. The CNC ridges help with grip. The pattern includes diamonds and circles to fill in where pressure in high. The mid-sole is taken care of by leather which features the Vick strap and the bottom respiration port. All exquisitely hand-stitched to both the dow and upper.


The bag again was the adventurous piece of the project. The goal was to make an oblong shape from a flat surface, similar to a map projection. The leather is pieced together from scraps left after shoe construction. It is hand stitched together in 6 leafs top and bottom. The bag is finished off with a Saturn Logo Zipper Tag and a brand on the back leather.