Completed August 2018

Celebrating 3 Years in Charlotte


  • Urethane Sole
  • Teath Sole
  • 'Spat' 2 Piece Upper
  • CharlottexSaturn Logo 
  • Innovative CNC Inspired Sole Texture
  • Use of Saturn.CNC Font
  • Lasted Fabric Cuts


Urethane, Leather, pleather, waxed thread, Steel


This next phase of shoe production brings with it a clearer goal. The main goal was to eek out any sustainable and quicker methods of production while maintaining or improving quality of the build. The modes of production are coming closer and closer to aligning with the original sketches. Utilizing the CNC and the capabilites of a sewing machine, the fabric cuts considered those tools from the inception. The sole also moved to potentialize the CNC with its curvy texture. 


The upper uses a new two-piece system termed a 'spat'. The brown ankle pleather extends down and connects with only the bottom of the Black leather toe piece. It is impressed with velcro all along the top of the foot where the Black leather 'teath' are able to be custom placed for the user to decide comfort. The upper is connected to the sole by a simple vertical stitch, which was much quicker to do than the zig-zag pattern of the Teath.Tikman. Overall the upper had much less contention points than previous uppers and a bigger opening to place the foot and a more secure closure, so wins all around. 


The sole employed a first time material in a pourable urethane mixture. It only has a 'workable cure' time of 2 hours which makes it great for a quicker production timeline. It doesn't have the cushioning as the foam employed in the Tikman so an insert is recommended for these. The curved grip texture is programmed to be the most efficient use of the CNC as it only has make one continuous pass at each depth to draw out the mold. There are 3 places for branding on each shoe showing the new CNC font, and also a new SaturnXCharlotte logo. The steel tags on the Achilles of each shoe tie in materially to the 'bag'.


The bag is Saturn's first attempt at using the mold itself as the means to hold the shoes for transport. The issue with previous bags was that it usually required new fabric to be used to look like 'scrap' which is fake and completely antithetical to what Saturn stands for. 

So what you have in this bag is an attempt to add flex to very solid Oak pieces through leather banding. The effect on using the mold is an interesting 'artful' pattern. The enclosures are always a fun spot for design. This time I am sad to report it was sort of a failure. The white circular cap is meant to twist off the triangular oak pieces with ease and release the footwear. While it was an accomplishment to have the cap fit, it is way too difficult (even for Saturn standards) to get the bag open.